About Us

We eat, breath, and sleep carpet repair because it is a passion that runs through our veins. A wise scholar once said, “find a job you love and you will never work a day in your life.” We took this to heart!

We are passionate about carpet repair. We love helping our customers find a solution to their problems. We encounter many different types of carpet damage, all requiring expert knowledge of carpet repair.

When your carpet gets damaged, you might think it is the end of the line for your carpet, but we see it as a new beginning!

Here is a sample list of what we can repair:

Carpet burns

Bleach stains

Cigarette burns

Ink stains

Blood stains

Nail polish

Iron burns

Rust stains

You name it; we can fix it. The only thing your carpet needs is a thorough analysis and some sweat equity!

We have time-tested solutions that we use to restore your carpet. Our go-to solution for carpets with significant damage is to cut out the damaged section of carpet and replace it with a new piece of remnant carpet from your home.

We blend in this new section of carpet to where it is not even detectable to the naked eye! This is the level of skill that you can expect from Northern Arizona Carpet Repair & Cleaning with every repair job!

Learn more about how we can solve your problems today by contacting 928-275-2271