Pet Odor Removal

As a pet owner, you love your pet unconditionally even when they have an accident on your carpet. Pet stains and odors are a fact of life for any pet owner. People who have pets inside the home will develop a “nose blindness” to  pet odor but your guests will detect it right away.

Pet odors can be hard to remove from your carpet if you do not use the right product for the job. In fact, you can end of making the problem worse by covering up a smell that the human nose can not detect but a pet can.

This happens because old urine has seeped deep into your carpet fibers and carpet padding thus attracting your pet to urinate on the same spot.

So what are your options?

Solutions To Your Problems

Level 1: Our standard carpet-cleaning package with an enzyme-based deodorizer. Perfect for removing common odors but not recommended for urine.

Level 2: Treat carpet with a stronger enzyme-based deodorizer. If the odor is in the carpet pad, we proceed to levels 3 & 4.

Level 3: Replace the damaged carpet pad. We then apply a sealant to the subfloor that is safe for wood or concrete.

Level 4: Level 3 PLUS we cut the carpet where there is severe urine damage. We graft in a new piece of carpet.

Our deodorizers have a natural enzyme that breaks down problem odors like urine with no problem at all.

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