Sedona Seam Repair

Wall to wall carpeting is a standard feature in homes across Sedona and for a good reason! With the lows dipping into the low 30’s during the winter, having that extra insulation from wall to wall carpeting is a dream come true!

Did you know that wall to wall carpeting is comprised of numerous pieces of carpet glued together? During the service life of your carpet, you may experience seam damage that looks like your carpet is splitting apart.

Trust us when we say that it looks worse than it really is. This is a simple repair that we can handle in a jiffy.

We use our latex based adhesive to glue your carpet seams back together! You will not find a harder working carpet repair company anywhere in Sedona! We are here for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

Contact us today at (928) 275-2217 to schedule your appointment!