Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning

Are you someone who is always on the go? Do you like to come up north to get away from the sweltering desert heat? We do not blame you for wanting to enjoy the cooler summers and the incredible natural beauty that northern arizona has to offer. How can we all do our part to protect such an amazing landscape?

We do this by offering a carpet cleaning service that is environmentally friendly. In fact, our low-moisture carpet cleaning uses 95% less water than traditional carpet cleaning methods.

Don’t worry, just because low moisture carpet cleaning uses less water doesn’t mean you are sacrificing on cleaning power.

Our low-moisture carpet cleaning service is quick and effective.  Low-moisture carpet cleaning utilizes encapsulation technology that creates a crystalline bubble to trap contaminants. We vacuum it up and leave behind a dry and residue free carpet.

In addition to a carpet that is residue free, our encapsulation product comes with built in protectants that will keep your carpet cleaner longer!

What Are The Benefits of Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning?

Low moisture carpet cleaning saves time

Low moisture carpet cleaning is less expensive than traditional carpet cleaning

Your carpet will dry more quickly

Conserves water/protects environment

We recommend our low moisture carpet cleaning service to folks who call Flagstaff and surrounding cities home for part of the year. It is a perfect maintenance form of carpet cleaning that will help keep your carpet clean.

Our goal is to be a leader in conservation for the entire Northern Arizona region! Helps us achieve this goal by using our water saving carpet cleaning service today!

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