Prescott Berber Carpet Repair

Berber carpet is a carpet that we admire and respect because of its unique construction and incredible stain fighting qualities. Berber carpet is a style of carpet that is prone to unraveling due to its looped pile design, thus making it a challenge to repair.

This is where our elite level of training distinguishes us from our peers. Our tireless efforts to train and improve our skills show in our attention to detail  We know how to repair Berber carpet and we do it well.

We can repair your carpet by weaving in new fiber loops or by removing the damaged section of carpet and replacing it with a new section of Berber carpet sourced from the back of your closet.

For more information about our Berber carpet repair service, please give us a call today at (928) 275-2217!  We proudly serve Prescott and surrounding area!