Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Being a business owner is a labor of love. You work long hours taking care of everything from invoicing, fulfilling orders, balancing the books and handling the maintenance of your building, especially when it snows! It can be overwhelming at times.

It is easy to overlook the small things like keeping your carpets in good shape. Did you know little things like that can make or break your business? Believe it or not, clean and well-maintained carpets do make a difference.

In a study conducted by the International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA) participants valued cleanliness over speed, convenience, and variety.  A clean work environment also boosts productivity and can save you a significant amount of money!

Put Your Best Foot Forward

A clean office or retail space allows you to put your best foot forward. Customers will judge you based on their first impression. If you make a bad impression on a client, the likelihood of doing business with them again goes way down. You only get 7 seconds to make a good impression, so make it count! We can help you do that!

What We Offer

We have two carpet cleaning solutions that we use depending on the level of soiling in your carpet.

Solution 1: Truck mounted high-powered carpet cleaning

This service is recommended for commercial carpet with high levels of foot traffic. Our truck mounted system allows us to use a high-pressure hot water wash with powerful water extraction to remove the deep-seated dirt in your carpet.

Solution 2: Dry powder cleaning

This service is recommended for commercial carpet with low levels of foot traffic. We cover your carpet with our powder and agitate it. After it is thoroughly agitated, we vacuum it up and leave behind a clean carpet that is ready walk on minutes.

Our commercial carpet cleaning solutions will breathe new life into your carpet!

Give us a call today at 928-275-2271 to learn more about our commercial carpet cleaning service!