Commercial Carpet Repair

As a business owner, you have to keep an eagle eye on the bottom line and everything that affects it. This can be macro things that are out of your control such as inflation, recession, taxes or your competitors taking market share.

You do have control over the micro things that impact your business on a day to day basis such as customer service, product quality, and a pristine business environment.  Believe it or not, the way your office or retail space looks matters to people.

Science has proven that you have 7 seconds to make a good impression on someone. If a potential client sees torn or frayed carpet in your office, they’ve already made a judgment about who you are. Fair or not, this is how our brain works.

Our goal is to help you make a good first impression so you can land more clients and increase your profitability! A well-maintained carpet is your first step towards more sales!

Our solutions

Rubber Reducer Replacement

Rubber reducers are commonplace in many office and retail settings. Rubber reducers create a gradual transition from carpet to floor. Due to wear and tear from heavy foot traffic, these reducers can become damaged or dislodged.

This creates a hazard that must be fixed as soon as possible to prevent injuries and lawsuits. We will replace all of your rubber reducers in your office building without impeding business operations.

Seam Repair

Seam repair is another solution that we offer our commercial clients. Your office carpet has many seams that are glued together with adhesive. These seams will split apart due to years of foot traffic, prolonged moisture exposure or improper installation.

It does not matter how your seams got damaged; it matters who repairs them. Our seam repair solutions will fix your problem. We use two repair techniques to repair commercial carpet seams.

Solution 1: Re-apply adhesive

If your seams are not damaged, we re-apply latex adhesive and bond the seams together. Simple, right?

Solution 2: Insert new seam

For extensive damage, we surgically remove the damaged carpet seam and replace it with a new section, and then we latex the seams. Both repair techniques achieve amazing results for our customers!

For more information about our commercial carpet repair service, contact us today at 928-275-2217