Do you have fur babies and carpet in your home? If so, there is a good chance that at some point you will experience pet damage. Most commonly a pet will accidentally get locked in a room and try to dig their way out by tearing or chewing at the carpet in the doorway. These damaged areas are unsightly and if not repaired can become larger in size and further damaged, costing you more money. Our licensed technicians can help by coming to your home and permanently grafting a new section of matching carpet into the damaged area making it look like the damage never happened.

This customer in Dewey, AZ had pet damage in multiple doorways from their cat. They are about to put their house on the market for sell and didn’t want to have to replace all of their carpeting. They called Northern Arizona Carpet Repair and was so impressed with our work they even left us a 5 star review on Google! We strive to make sure our customers are a 100% happy with our work before we leave their home.

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