This customer in Flagstaff contacted us after they realized that their cat had been scratching at where the carpet meets the metal transition in their bathroom door. The damaged carpet was frayed and pulling up from the tack strip. Our technician was able to stretch the carpet forward and put in a new metal transition making the carpet in that area look good as new. They were so happy with the carpet repair results they left us a glowing 5 Star review: ”¬†Our experience with Northern Arizona Carpet Repair & Cleaning was simply phenomenal! The experience started out wonderfully with them responding to our email inquiry within an hour and easily scheduling our appointment. Their quoted price was extremely reasonable. Robert gave us a courtesy call to let us know exactly when he’d arrive (no waiting hours for them to show up!), and his work was excellent. He was extremely professional and friendly, quickly putting my concerns about the carpet to ease and letting me know it could be easily fixed. We hired the company to fix damage from our cat tearing up the carpet at a door divider and they were the only one that specialized in it in Flagstaff. Robert let me know it’s extremely common and they fix numerous issues exactly like ours every month. He had it fixed and like new within half an hour and even replaced the metal divider since it was damaged as well. I highly recommend Northern Arizona Carpet Repair & Cleaning for all your carpet issues. We will most definitely be returning if we have any other carpet problems!”

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