You wouldn’t think that there is ever a real carpet emergency but if you have Berber carpet and it gets snagged or pulled up then that is exactly what you have; a Berber carpet emergency. Berber is a term used to describe loop carpet which can be traced back to an indigenous people of North Africa, the Berbers. The Berbers created hand woven fibers that had a recognizable knot and natural multi colored specks spun from different parts of the sheep’s fur. The knot is the distinguishing characteristic as the loops in loop carpeting today are comparable in appearance to the woven knots in the textiles conceived by the Berber people. When Berber carpet gets snagged it will start to unravel like a sweater. If you keep pulling on the thread the damaged area will continue to get bigger this will require a bigger remnant for the repair and cost you more money in the end. Because Berber carpet is tufted or sewn into the backing and left uncut it is considered a specialty repair. A lot of inexperienced technicians do not offer Berber carpet repair. Our technicians do Berber carpet repairs everyday and we are so confident in our work that we offer a lifetime guarantee on the workmanship of our repairs. Now if your dog or cat re-damaged the area that would not be covered. In order to complete any carpet repair we will need a matching carpet remnant. Most people have remnants left over from the original installation. If you do not have extra carpet onsite then we will need to pull matching carpet from the back of a closet. We will use this section for the visible repair and then we will replace that carpet in the closet, so you are not left with a hole in your carpet, with a non-matching beige or light brown carpet remnant.

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