When you remove furniture from your room you maybe surprised by how dirty your carpet really is. As you can see in the photos there is a visible difference is the carpet’s color where the furniture sat. Northern Arizona Carpet Repair & Cleaning is a premium carpet cleaning company with a great reputation for taking care of our customers from the first call, to the end of your service. We suggest that carpet cleaning be done every twelve months. When you call our office to set up an appointment we will explain our process and then give you pricing based on how many rooms or areas you have to clean. Our technicians will do a pre-walk through with you before they begin. This will allow them to quickly evaluate the carpet and make sure that they are cleaning the areas that you are requesting. They will then vacuum all of the areas with a commercial grade vacuum. We pre-treat the heavy traffic areas and any spot treatment that is needed is included. Then he will use a truck mounted hot water steam extraction cleaner with a neutral rinse that will leave you with a zero residue finish. This means that we will have removed all detergent residue to avoid problems like stickiness, rough carpet fibers and or carpet re-soiling. As we said, carpet cleaning is priced by the number of rooms or areas. The first 3 rooms or areas are $250. If you have more than 3 rooms, the price is $70 per room or area. ¬†Hallways are counted as an area if they are larger than 9 feet and stairs are counted as an area up to 12 stairs and $5 per additional stair. ¬†Each room is considered a single room or area, however any room over 250 cleanable square feet is counted as a double room. No one likes to be surprised by a price change when a company arrives onsite so we try to explain our pricing upfront so proper expectations and budgets can be set. If you are in need of our cleaning services please call us at 928-275-2217. we look forward to hearing from you.